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Category: Classic Rock

Living In Depression

by Tokus


  1. Nov 25,  · Depression is much more than a bad mood. It’s a disorder that casts a shadow over a person’s thoughts, feelings, perceptions of the world, and their relationships with others. This makes living with someone who has depressed quite the challenging task.
  2. The Great Depression occurred between and The worst years were and , and after that things slowly started to improve, but it would take years until the Depression finally came to a complete end. The effects of The Great Depression were severe. Unemployment was at an all time high with more people losing their jobs everyday.
  3. Depression it just eats you up from the inside out. It’s like a monster inside your head that takes over. The worst thing is to know that my family and friends were doing all they could yet I still felt so lonely. Anything that was said to me, I managed to turn into a bad thing. I was literally my own worst enemy.
  4. Jun 03,  · Major depression, or major depressive disorder, however, is something more. It’s a diagnosable condition that’s classified as a mood disorder and can bring about long-lasting symptoms such as.
  5. Dec 02,  · There is a great deal of information available about depression. But when you live with a depressed person, it can be painfully difficult. Anti-depressants .
  6. Understanding depression in a friend or family member. Depression is a serious condition. Don’t underestimate the seriousness of depression. Depression drains a person’s energy, optimism, and motivation. Your depressed loved one can’t just “snap out of it” by sheer force of will. The symptoms of depression aren’t personal.
  7. Dec 07,  · No, I have never suffered from depression. I've known and lived with people who are bipolar for many years now and this is why I think I might have a .
  8. Apr 10,  · Depression is a place you live in. It is a place in your head where nothing can come in, and the only thing that can remain inside is you. Living with depression is like playing the guitar with muted strings. You can play all you want, but the music won’t come.

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