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Category: Alternative

Feed My Hate - Mind Of Hate - ...You Just Feed My Hate (Cassette)

by Goltill


  1. Perfect defect, Finding solace in my destitution, I can fail this time, Succumb to the sycophant, My mind I won’t recant, I’m drowning in the hate, As it procreates. They will follow if you lead, If you fall then they will feed, There’s no real, just reality, You’re just way too blind to see.
  2. I would like to know more details about how you feed your cats bcs I want mine to live long long life My Father used to feed his cats with fresh lake fish and raw chicken liver and they lived.
  3. Especially complicated was the ancient Babylonian demonology; all the petty annoyances of life - a sudden fall, a headache, a quarrel - were set down to the agency of fiends; all the stronger emotions - love, hate, jealousy and so on - were regarded as the work of demons; in fact so numerous were they, that there were special fiends for various parts of the human body - one .
  4. So, I've made a similar post sometime ago, and basically most of you accused me for trolling, and believe me, i'm not. Reasons i hate her for: i don't like her face, not at all, not even close, i know some people might be into that kind of women, but i'm not, her face is basically shaped as a cube and has blonde hair (shame), which is not pleasant to watch, atleast for me. - i don't like her.
  5. If you are worried about why people don’t like you or hate you for no reason, then you are just wasting your time. You cannot force others to like you but you can work on yourself as there is always some room for improvement. Work hard and let your success make all the noise. Constantly feeding negative thoughts to your mind can scar you.
  6. HATE promotes new electronic music releases/mixes. DISCLAIMER: All tracks are uploaded in a low quality (kbps or lower) for promotional purposes only, to.
  7. Jul 31,  · I Hate My Mind! I am constantly worrying about something. Sometimes I feel like a fool because my entire family keeps telling me that I am okay. Within the last 6 months I .
  8. Fuck everything. Fuck my mind. What's the point of anything when you have a shitty mind and you're all alone? I'll never have a friend long term .
  9. It’s your thoughts you hate, not your mind. That’s more than an academic distinction. Thoughts (including memories) have no power unless we give them that power. Otherwise, they simply come and go. They only hang around and plague us if we favor them with our attention. Meditaion is all about see how this works first-hand.

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